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18.02.2017 - Protection3 and dying and basic rights etc...

dali48 and writing books and photographing overflying wild geese etc...

20.01.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

If you are looking for protection for yourself and others, you should practice the secret:
The exchange of "I" and "Other"... (Shantideva)

At the moment of death, give up all thoughts of attachment and dislike... (Jamyang Khyentse)

We easily forget that dying people are about to lose their entire world:
Their loved ones, their possessions, their home, their profession, their bodies and their minds - They are losing everything... (Sogyal Rinpoche)

The 5 stages of dying:
Denial, anger, negotiation-willingness, depression and acceptance... (E. Kübler-Ross)

A friend can become an enemy, and therefore an enemy can also become a friend (see history, the latter being much more difficult, etc. - d.48)... (Tsongkhapa)

A peaceful death is an indispensable basic human right - much more essential perhaps even than the right to vote or the right to equality of opportunity... - We may claim that compassion is a wonderful thing, and in part believe it, but in practice our actions are deeply pitiless - and bring us and others mainly frustration and despair and not the happiness we are all looking for - Is it not absurd that we all long for happiness, but that almost all our actions and feelings directly lead away from this happiness? - What could make it clearer that our whole idea of ​​happiness and how to achieve it, is fundamentally wrong? - When all evil, all fear, and all suffering of this world arise from holding on to an I - why do I need that great evil spirit? ... (Shantideva)

The childish persons work for their own good, the Buddhas work for the welfare of others. Just see the difference between them! - If I do not exchange my happiness for the sorrows of the others - I will never reach the state of the Buddhas, and even in "Samsara" I will not be given real joy...

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