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18.02.2017 - Generation3 and environmental destruction and balance etc...

dali48 and writing books and photographing "flora and fauna" etc...

23.01.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

We act as if we were the last generation on this planet... - Without a radical change in our hearts, our spirit and our vision the earth will end as the Venus: dead and charred... (Brazilian ex-Environment Minister)

Fear of death and ignorance of a life after that are the fuel for the destruction of the environment, which threatens all our lives - Isn't it therefore deeply troubling that people do not learn what death really is and how to die peacefully - that no one gives hope to what is behind death and therefore ultimately behind life? - What could be more paradoxical than the fact that young people are highly educated in every conceivable subject, except in this one which contains the key to the meaning of life - and perhaps even to our survival? - But does death come then to them or to their wives, children, and friends, and surprise them under whatever form - what does it cause want and misery, what anger, what despair! - Death is a deep secret... - 2 things we can say about him:
It is absolutely certain that we will die - and it is uncertain when or how we will die... - Follow the example of an old cow. She is content to sleep in the barn - you must eat, sleep, and shit - that is inevitable. In addition, you do not have to worry about anything... (P. Rinpoche)

The key to a happy balance in modern life is simplicity... - And to recognize that everything you do in your life remains stored - Even if you do something unconsciously and it pass by unrecognized, it will come back again - Does not everything that we have done in the past seem like a dream today? - I begin to understand what you wanted to teach me - grief has blinded me and made me believe - that only I alone would have to suffer from the access of the death... (Krisha Gotami)

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