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17.02.2017 - Diseases3 and St Francis and Buddha etc...

dali48 and writing books and photographing "flora and fauna" etc...

18.01.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

S.H. Gyalwa Karma (Chikago, 1981) voluntarily experienced all these diseases - to help alleviate the suffering of coming wars, illnesses and famines... (S. Rinpoche)

May I be a protector for those who have no protection, a guide for the travelers, a boat, a bridge (see pontifex, etc. - d.48), a transition for those who yearn for the other shore - May the pain of every living creature, be completely eliminated - May I be the doctor and the medicine, and the nurse for all the sick in the world - until they are fully healed... (Shantideva)

St. Francis is born into a world (about 1200, etc. - d.48), where infidelity, profit-seeking, and violence prevail (as today - d.48)... (W. Brixner)

The true Buddha, who has mastered and transformed his passions, knows a stable mental state, which he can regain at will - while the drug addict (see alcohol, money, sex, power, pleasure, fun, cigarettes, food, sweets, work, gambling, speed-ecstasy, etc. - d.48) is returned to the previous state - with the burden and anxiety, revenge, desires, and discomfort after the once-overcome intoxication... (P. Arnold)

Book recommendations:
"Reborn and Healing" (J. Grant / D. Kelsey) ... More authors:
T. Ravenscroft, E.L. Voynich, N.O. Jacobson, H. Sherman / H. Wilkins...

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