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17.02.2017 - Kôno3 and Zen and development...

dali48 and writing books and photographing "flora and fauna" etc...

15.01.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

When the leader of a Zen Temple becomes sick and can not heal himself - he is not a true Zen monk... (D. Kôno)

The heart of man must be like a mirror - for which the images are nothing, and they come and pass away in nothing... - A man who can not speak a word, because the heart is neither born nor died...

Zen Exercise Methods:
Reduction or suppression of sleep, exhausting exercises, uninterrupted marching, sedentary meditation, monthly footfalls, countless repetitions of the same formula, pouring with cold water, prayer under a waterfall - This leads to a taming of the mind, comparable to the mastery of the body by limiting the diet... (D. Kôno)

Suffering, sharing suffering, helping to bear it, and extinguish it - that was my most important concern... (P. Arnold)

"Dangers, driven to the other shore, landed on the other shore, oh Bodhi, oh realization!"... (Sanskrit formula)

The "Zen" also aims at freeing us from the sufferings - so that they no longer dominate us, but we control them, direct them - Impatience is our worst, our first enemy... - What we or what others consider to be good is not necessarily good - From now on, one has to forget the chatter of the people - abstract ones own thoughts and go ones way in adapting to the Buddha... - Creation is the result of the causal law. Also, there is neither paradise nor hell - both are in our hearts and were conceived only for the edification of the faithful... (P. Arnold)

The 4 stations of general development:
Awakening of the heart, asceticism, knowledge, nirvana... - The Buddhas are developed by transforming passions (activity sublimation) and the effectiveness of rites and methods of elevation (idealization)...

The 6 main virtues:
Liberality (symbol: water), moral discipline (odors), patience (flowers), energy (incense), meditation (food), realization (lights)... (P. Arnold)

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