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14.03.2017 - Psychotherapy3 and alcohol and soul etc...

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dali48 and private tuition and writing books and photographing in Erkrath etc...

08.03.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

Eileen did not know that the conversation was on tape... - and later she was intensively interrogated to some statements she made on tape... (L. Terr)

The alcohol as "writer's desease" in the 20th century - both in America and in Europe... (A. Kupfer)

What is redeemed is the soul - which survives the apocalypse, irrespective of what it has shown in its physical existence of good and evil, of piety and disobedience - The soul survives because, as long as it was in the body, it had to suffer - and what survives is a faculty of reason freed from the body...

Soul - is pure spirit... (E.T.A. Hoffman / E.A. Poe)

All things are poison, but the dose makes - that a thing is no poison... (Paracelsus)

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