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14.03.2017 - Living together3 and psychology and traditions...

diary of dali48: 24.04.2015 - 3Diary 7+8/2011 by dali48...
dali48 and teaching and writing books and cycling in Erkrath etc...

07.03.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

All this contributes to the development of people... - who are more balanced, less emotionally labile, less cranky, less self-destructive, better grounded, less co-dependent, and less mismatched... (NC Rinpoche)

The concept of a lifelong relationship can be very unhealthy - and lead to serious distortions of human coexistence... - No one has ever been enlightened by psychology, or even by letting his aura "rolfen" - the spiritual market of the so-called New Age is probably the most useless of all alternatives - at best it is harmless - I would say it is almost pure waste of time... - It is nonsensical to turn to the old traditions to work through childhood neuroses - and it is just as pointless to seek deep spiritual insights in a therapy - But both must not be separated... - When people feel unable to let go of their attachment to familiar forms, they call new forms of expression as heresy - The idea of ​​a heresy arises through fear - Jesus was from the point of view of the religious establishment of his time a "heretic", and later - in the Christian tradition, the Cathars were persecuted and exterminated... - All these people represented radical views of the essence - which broke through the stagnation of the respective established religions... (Ngakpa Chögyam R.)

When we die, we leave everything behind, above all our body - which we have so greatly appreciated, to which we have blindly trusted, and which we have so endeavored to keep alive... - But also our spirit is by no means more reliable than our body - We are the victim of the inconstancy of our mind... (S. Rinpoche)

Mind and body are suffering - The only right way is the path that leads inward (see meditation etc. - d.48)... (Ayya Khema)

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