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14.03.2017 - Ayya Khema3 and pain and life etc...

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dali48 and studying and punting and photographing in Tubingen etc...

09.03.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

Everything that we have to enjoy is bound to be broken for us - for otherwise it is a tragedy when it breaks... (Ayya Khema)

We rebel against the truth that everything that exists is broken - Because nothing remains, nothing can be attached to it - Any attachment to ideas, prejudices, habits and customs, things and people is our own disintegration and suffering... - But if we have difficulties with the body, on whose account the most unpleasant feelings go, then do not refuse - The desire for the pleasant and the resistance to the unpleasant is what fixes us in "samsara", in the cycle of life and death... - We do not have to look for these satisfactions - Some are given to us, others are not, we accept what comes... - The Buddha has also recommended to moderate food against greed - It does not have to be fasting - The Buddha was a teacher of the middle way and avoided extremes - Extreme is rampant enjoyment, and extreme is self-torture... - I eat this meal with mindfulness - not for pleasure, not for beautification, but only to keep this body alive - so he does not suffer any damage to avoid hunger and saturation - Then I suffer no physical difficulties and have a simple life... - The automatic, instinctive reaction is to inflict pain on the other - The Buddha has compared this with the fact of lifting up glowing coals with bare hands, and throwing them at another - The fingers which lift them up are surely burned - Whether he achieves the goal, is not sure... - We feel pain - that someone does not acknowledge us, does not agree, does not praise, does not do what we want - everything hurts... - Ego minimizings: the bigger the ego, the more often it happens, because a larger surface is touched more easily - A huge ego is constantly striking somewhere and is painfully touched... - We have the peculiarity of closing ourselves off from others and instinctively avenging ourselves for ego-reduction - That does not work is clear - we can not get rid of our pain by inflicting pain to another person - but only by feeling the  ego-reduction not as a pain, but as a pleasant... - Life is quite uncertain - Death is certainly certain - For the present is nothing more than sitting... - breathing, perhaps feeling, perhaps listening... - There is nothing to consider - Life has to be experienced - Experience can only happen at this moment... (Ayya Khema)

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