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10.03.2017 - Economic growth3 and injuries and misfortune etc...

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dali48 and writing books and photographing in BAD etc...

03.03.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

The economic growth is based on a madness spiral of earning, spending, producing, selling and consuming energy that deprives us of our own foundations in every way - We are sitting in the midst of the potholes of our gross social product, and are sighing for sweet fragrances, clean air, free space, sunshine, and a "good life"... - The suppression of the sensibility, ie the functioning connection between all sense organs and our consciousness (center), has a far greater significance for human life than sexuality... - Holistic and meaningful viewing is not suited for performance, productivity, competition and fast profits... - Such extreme Impairments can be found in persons who are labeled as "mental disorder" or "schizophrenia", suffer from a depressive psychosis, or have become drug-dependent - These are cases in which the original goal of the training to helplessness - namely to make the "sacrifice" brave, docile and dependent - was missed. For those who suffer from an "overdose" of helplessness, our society is finally having psychiatrists and prison staff... - If someone feels helpless, one says, for example, "Why should I choose or demonstrate or write letters to deputies...?" - There is nothing to help or "Why should I be generous or hearty or good, if all others are selfish...?" - Since the triangle: sacrifice, rescuer, prosecutor does not permit equality, one is either above or underneath - No one likes to be inferior - In order to have a better life we try to get a position of power by the role of rescuers or prosecutors... - The children do not learn how much misfortune arises through individualism and struggles, and how cooperative life really can be... - But where there is no shortage, and where there is enough, competition struggles create scarcity and hunger! - Hoarding (money etc. - d.48) is part of the competition (instead of a basic income etc. - d.48)... (C. Steiner)

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