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10.03.2017 - Competition pressure3 and lustlessness and economy etc...

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dali48 and writing books and photographing in BAD etc... 

03.03.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

We are more easily exploited as workers and citizens, the more aggressive and individualistic we are, and the more we compete with each other... - When we look at our bodies, we will find that cigarettes are unpleasant... - that fresh air is pleasant, that alcohol is unpleasant in more than very small doses... - that commonness is pleasant, that lying is unpleasant, that loving is pleasant, that refusing to be stroked is unpleasant, that sex without affection and sometimes affection without sex are unpleasant, and that self-satisfaction is pleasant... - Ironically, marijuana is the safest, though just the use of this remedy is vilified and severely punished... - We are lustless because we feel no joy or pain - In the absence of pleasure, our self is isolated and encapsulated in our heads - without any connection to the various pleasant and unpleasant sensations of our bodies - What for an alcoholic is the catjammers the next morning, is for the consumption-dependent the bankruptcy - He becomes a slave of the devil's circle of consumption and bankruptcy... - Unfortunately, our depravity is exploited by the economy - Alcohol, cigarettes etc. and consumerism are fueled by the mass media, and many people... - earn by the fact that a lustless population spends their money on drugs and consumer goods of no use... - Millions of insane "consumerists" drive billions of miles in their caravans, off-road cars and motorcycles through our land - destroy the landscape, waste energy, pollute the air (see R. Koch about 100 years ago: "The car is the plague of the 20th century"), and look for the emotional skittles that they could find much more when they stopped and communicated with themselves and their environment... (C. Steiner)

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