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09.03.2017 - Blood flow3 and infections and functions etc...

Project Homepage -  ediary4 by dali48 is about healing in the past and the future - focused on the present. It includes the following authors: Ayya Khema, S. Hite, VE Frankl, M. Messeguer, G. Marquez, W. Golding, Dalai Lama, DTSuzuki, J. Seiffert, Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddha, Jvd Wetering, Allen Ginsberg, C. Simon, Johannes Paul1, K. Dürckheim, W. Soyinka, S. Freud, Sloterdiyk, J. Brodsky, P. Celan, A. Schweitzer, G. Groddeck, hl.Hildegard, IB Singer, T. Dethlefsen, AT Kushi...:
dali48 and writing books and photographing and teaching etc...

02.03.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

Through targeted control of our blood flow, we would be able to combat malignant tumors... - Deep inhalation and exhalation is important to get back into contact with one's own body, and to be able to speak with full conviction ... - Emotionless speaking means oppressed fear and pain... - More effective than hitherto we should be able to fight infections and eliminate toxic substances - We can do with our body things that for today's medicine is a miracle - On the other hand, we become more sensitive to pain and detrimental stimuli... - We would no longer be prepared to accept persecution and oppression (or to find pleasure in it) or to be constantly aware of the harmfulness of these influences, and would consequently defend us against them - We would be able to enjoy our body - Breathing, standing, running, sleeping, stretching, relaxation, crying, excretions, sexuality, and orgasm - all of these would be holistic organic functions that satisfied our whole selves... (C. Steiner / A. Lowen)

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