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09.03.2017 - Marcuse3 and plagues and personality etc...

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02.03.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

The great plagues of the man:
The man reacts to his feelings of guilt by withdrawing into a passive intellectual attitude, from which he can play out his great strength, the rationality - The man seeks a relationship in which he can give himself freely and does not have to fear - The man does things that he does not want, but which are expected of him - From this situation, his distance to the partner gradually increases, he gets tired of the relationship, and begins to lie to the woman - The relationship falters, and everything that may have been possible in it is stifled in the bud - Because he does not do what he would like to do, but only does what he does not want to do (driven by his sense of responsibility), it collects anger and disappointment in him - The woman reacts disappointedly and increasingly confused - Regardless of his real desires, he adapts to society and is more and more embarrassed by his true feelings - After a while he suddenly breaks the relationship and escapes an unsatisfying and unbearable situation... - Our society lives by working men who are exploited - This society needs men who, together with their wife and children, are imprisoned in a 1-family house or in an isolated rented apartment - Such a relationship can best ensure that the man has to work eight hours a day for his employer - In order to be able to be exploited optimally during working hours, he has to have a woman at home who is going to get him recreated again during the remaining 8 hours - Then they sleep (without wasting sexual energy), and the next day he is again operational and far more useful than a single man... - According to Marcuse, people are forced to "de-sexualize" their body, and to connect only certain organs of the body, such as the mouth, the anus, and the genitalia with erotic properties - This limitation of the pleasure potential leads to the formation of a 1-dimensional, flattened and dehumanized personality - In this way, particularly men whose physical sensitiveness is largely extinct - are exploitable machines in the service of others... (Marcuse, 1962)

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