Montag, 20. Februar 2017

20.02.2017 - Cancer therapy2 and sun and Paris diary etc...

dali48 and writing books and photographing "flora and fauna" etc...

22.02.2009 - Interpretation of dali48

Cancer therapy:
She went her own way... - and decided to starve the cancer - with the Breuss cure:
42 days without solid food, only juices, teas and soups - and the uncertainty as a constant companion... (E. Haischberger, ORF, Stöckl, 21.02.2009)

The sun, which flooded the "Quartier latin" - gets black spots (see Paul Celan and "black milk" etc. - d.48)...

Hélène's voice continues to sound. It is what remains - She doesn't let herself be subpoenaed by anyone - Neither dead nor alive - It is the voice of a person who writes... (C. Lecerf, review, Hélène Berr, Parisian diary, 1942-44)

Solutions of water problems (see dali48 and separation of drinking-water and cleaning-water, the transforming of sea-water into drinking-water by solar- and wind-installations etc. - d.48) are being discussed... - every 3 years at the World Water Conference... (DW-World, 15.03.2009)

Annex2 to the blogs of dali48

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