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20.02.2017 - Osho3 and humor and religion...

dali48 and writing books and photographing "flora and fauna" etc...

25.01.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

A good sense of humor always helps - Zen is the only tradition with humor, and is clearly favored by Osho... - He talks more about Zen than anything else... - The mind is old and always afraid of the new and the fresh - Christ will bring the unknown again, but the mind is the the known, and the the known is always afraid the new - The unknown will bring uncertainty again, and the mind is always in search of security - It will bring chaos, and the mind wants a comfortable life that is not a real life - The more comfortable, the less alive! - The most comfortable life is in the grave... (Osho)

Religion is a permanent revolution because religion is life - Dead religion becomes a church - Dead religion becomes Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism etc. - Living religion is Jesus, Buddha etc. - Why is Jesus so against law and order? - Because he knows a greater law because he knows a larger order - A man-made order is only a pretense of... - The divine order is exactly the opposite - There is chaos on the surface, and order is at the bottom in the depths - When in the outside disorder and chaos reigns, where are you going then? - You start to go inside, and you come to your center - Love is the "Tao", which Buddha called "Dhamma" - When you crucify Jesus, you crucify your own being in favor of your periphery... - For existence has not the slightest interest in proving oneself to anyone - Yes, whoever wants to prove that there is a "God" - somehow doubts his own existence! - A poetic truth (myth) stands on a higher level than any scientific truth - because scientific truths constantly change - A poetic truth is eternal! - This rose is only a single flower that represents all the blossoms of the past and future... (Osho)

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