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20.03.2017 - View3 and things and vulnerability etc...

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dali48 and writing books and photographing in BAD etc...

21.03.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

When I wake up this morning, I smile - 24 hours... - lie before me. I vow to be fully there at every moment - And with compassionate gaze on all creatures... (Thich Nhat Hanh)

He who loves well, prays well, whether man, whether bird, or beast - Whoever loves most, all things, whether great or small, prays best - for the exalted "God" who loves us, created and loves everything... (ST Coleridge)

We humans are emotionally completely vulnerable - Perhaps we are the most emotionally vulnerable beings on earth - Our vulnerability opens the door to all possibilities... (A.H. Almaas)

Many factors determine how we feel:
Genetic predisposition, messengers in the brain, hormones, the quantity of light, the general state of health, social, financial and psychological powers, to name but a few... (D. & J. Kramer)

Thus the one, if he is afraid, decides to resist... - and struggle... - The other on the other hand to escape... - There is another person who meditates on the feeling - Whatever we do with our emotions - it affects all aspects of our lives, including our spirituality... - We avoid... - our emotions ( preserve the posture). Particularly pronounced is the denial and avoidance of emotions in business life, sport and war - because here the emotional control is of decisive importance for survival and victory... - Children are usually scolded, sent to the room or otherwise punished - if they have negative emotions - such as anger, or are crying out of sadness or fear... - The disclosure of problems always helps more - than the self-closing... (Keden / Hemminger)

I admit to the teachings of the Buddha - for it is clear, timeless and invites everyone to examine them - to apply them in life and to realize them... (D. Kantowsky)

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