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20.03.2017 - Beauty3 and cloud and light etc...

dali48 and teaching and writing books and photographing in Erkrath etc...

21.03.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

When I go, when I go, the universe goes with me - It's all right before me - it's behind me - it goes under me - it goes over me - it goes on all sides. When I go - I go hand in hand with the beauty... (Song of the Navajo Indians)

We are, arises with our thoughts - With our thoughts we make the world... (Buddha)

Praying - is the raising of the spirit to "God"... (St. John of Damascus)

A cloud of the universe will enfold you, and you know nothing except that in your will you feel a longing for "God"... - By Love... - you can reach him and be with him, but never by thought... (The Cloud of Unknowing, 14th century)

O Lord in heaven, give me that I will not so much strive to be comforted, to be consoled, to be understood - but to understand, and love... - For by giving, we get - by forgiving, us will be forgiven - by letting us die, we are born to eternal life (see eg rebirth etc. - d.48)... (St. Francis)

Gone, gone, gone... - have even gone over death... - to the full awakening... - All the best! ... (Heart sutra)

Praise be to the Buddha of Infinite Light and Life... - We do not see the Buddha with our eyes, but feel him with our hearts when we are enveloped in a warm, loving and shining light (see eg the Sun etc. - d.48)... (Shin Buddhism)

When the sun is in the heart - all evil vanishes from life... (Hindu prayer and mantra)

Let us thank for this beautiful day - for this beautiful life - for the water (see clean breathing air and drinking water etc. - d.48) without which no life would be possible - for the "Great Mother Earth" that protects and nourishes us (see flora & fauna etc. - d.48)... (Lakota Indians)

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