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17.03.2017 - Rescue3 and giving advice and education etc...

14.03.2017 - Thoughts3 and Disasters and Teaching etc...
dali48 and writing books and photographing white geese etc...

17.03.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

Where should the salvation come from? - Of the saints:
Of the Christians who follow my example and strive to emulate the life of Christ by practicing the love of "God" and of the neighbor and humbly living in the spirit of poverty... (St. Francis)

When there are more saints again - the whole world can be saved... (A. Luciani)

The way of guidance is, therefore, in giving advice... - Let no one believe that the reading is sufficient without anointing, the speculation without surrender, the research without piety, the science without love, the understanding without humility, the study without Divine grace, the observation without the divinely inspired wisdom... (St. Bonaventure, died 1274)

In education, Bonaventura is both for the old, tried-and-tested methods as for new methods - and for the life of society, he emphasizes the necessity of freedom and authority... (A. Luciani)

On the contrary, one can only learn something - if it is also fun... (Don Bosco)

An education without religion is either the worst illusion - or a work of the devil... (St. John Bosco)

It is no wonder that many people in the midst of all abundance - feel such emptiness, meaninglessness and poverty... (J. & D. Kramer)

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