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17.03.2017 - Biography3 and transcendence and stress etc...

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dali48 and teaching and writing books and photographing in Erkrath etc...

17.03.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

In and with the first birth, death, time, space and biography lines, however, a second reality is also always experienced - only signified mostly... - It flashes. Signs of this second reality are experienced by everyone - but not by everyone are the signs received and understood... (J. F. Boeckel)

In a great love the meaning of life in the Thou fulfills itself:
I only live because you are there - You give my life a meaning - Here is transcendence... - Do not forget - I love you!

A man can not be a whole artist if he is not male - and a man can not be male if his sex life is not egoistic, brutal, self-willed and unrestrained... (P. Grainger, 1882-1961)

Where, however, the constant fear of failing in essentials causes a hormonal emergency - chronic stress arises:
Anxiety, depression, and an overloaded immune system - There is evidence that the immune system is closely linked to the nervous system and the endocrine gland system...

Loneliness is one of the greatest psychological plagues of our time - If a person does not find a valve for his creativity, this can be as oppressive and depressing as poverty - This situation is a profound deprivation for the mind and for the soul... - Basically eccentrics play a "brainstorming game" with themselves as the only other player - by expressing their creativity in the long term and in a variety of ways - They overcome the feelings of rejection, injustice and anger they may have felt before - Their spontaneous problem solutions destroy the breeding ground for neuroses...

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