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15.03.2017 - Ayya Khema3 and food and hunger and utopia etc...

28.06.2012 - Foodhunter and Osmanthus fragrans etc...  see <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.dali48.blogsp...</a>
dali48 and writing books and photographing food etc...

12.03.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

What is the one which underlies all appearance? - It is the food... (Buddha)

Nothing that exists - can exist without food... (Ayya Khema)

Flora & Fauna and Humans - Hunger is the most important impulse of man - He who does not give food to starving people, is guilty of their suffering and death, and accumulates negative karma - which will have a negative impact in this or in a future life - That is... (dali48)

No other doctrine has defined man from this point of view! - It is a whole new way of explaining how we exist - It is understood by everybody but it does not matter to us, and we do not like to see it, because it makes us a being that is constantly hoarding - But so we are... - We are always about to buy something for us... (Ayya Khema)

All the animals together can not do as much damage in the forest - as all the chainsaws & deforestation etc. - The "natural" damage caused by animals can be repaired by nature - The artificial damage caused by humans and above all by their "destructive" technology is irreparable and leads sooner or later to the downfall of the human being... (dali48)

Then we need not be astonished at the fact that in spite of countless plans, contracts, initiatives, congresses, etc. - we have neither peace nor food for all in this world - Both have remained utopias during the entire human history (see eg Basic Income etc. - dali48)... (Ayya Khema)

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