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08.03.2017 - Laing3 and malnutrition and nightmares etc...

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dali48 and writing books and photographing in BAD etc...

02.03.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

Chronic malnutrition leads to depression or loss of love ... - The free exchange of strokes - the instrument for the fulfillment of a human basic need - is so strictly regulated that it is made impossible for us - The consequence is that the ability to love has been lost - and, finally, is turned against us to a dressage of socially desirable behavior - If people are freed from the economy of strokes, they will no longer want to do externally determined jobs and act responsibly in the sense of society... - Even today It can become dangerous if we want to share our experiences, especially when we want to share our experiences with children - I believe that today, in the search for knowledge about ourselves and our coexistence, we are exposed to quite similar pressures as at that time of Galileo and Leonardo da Vinci... - I am the doctor, leave your body to me! (Incapacitation)... - An important part of one's own being, namely the feelings, is discredited until the victim of denial does not allow his own feelings - You can not ignore your feelings and pretend that they are not - The result is the detachment from one's own feelings - Often men choose this alternative and become cold and emotionless... (Laing, 1968)

Marketing and advertising are nothing else but to sell people and things by lies - newspapers and TV live from selling (by lies)... - To the everyday life of the people, their life experience, their political situation and their (missing) freedoms... - Which students learn that politicians are bought by the industry? ... - Being crazy is a terrible experience:
Nights of nightmares and insomnia, infinite anxieties and torments, days of inability to do even the slightest thing, paralyzing immobility, confusion, fragmentation of thought, distrust, despair, finally the mockery and contempt of others and the ever-recurring desire to commit suicide and to finish - Consciousness, untroubled perception, respect and promotion of one's own ability are the antidote to madness... - Paranoia is a state of sharpened consciousness... (RD Laing)

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