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08.03.2017 - Fromm3 and Human and Depression etc...

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dali48 and private tuition and writing books and photographing in Erkrath etc...

01.03.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

There is nothing human about me which is alien to me - everything is in me. I am a small child, I am an adult, I am a killer and I am a saint. I am narcissistic and I am destructive... (E. Fromm)

For Spinoza, the knowledge of the truth alone has not yet led to any change, unless it is an affective knowledge - neglect or rejection by the mother lead to a depression (sooner or later etc. - d.48). Behind a depression is actually an unspeakable rage on his wife and he punishes her eg with a depression...

Even ye shall love the strangers, for ye have been strangers in Egypt - that is why thou knowest the soul of the stranger... (Deut 10.19)

There is no greater rage in a narcissistic man than if his narcissism is attacked - He will be able to forgive everything, but not that someone has dared to offend him in his narcissism - This should never be forgotten:
A narcissist can be attacked by almost anything, but if anyone attacks his narcissism or injures him in his narcissism, it makes him furious whether the narcissist shows this anger or not - He will want to avenge himself, because the narcissistic insult equals an attack on his life... (E. Fromm)

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