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24.02.2017 - Bergmann3 and misunderstandings and humor etc...

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dali48 and writing books and photographing flowers etc...

08.02.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

To be sexually not the greatest, is the biggest problem for men - much more than a job, money, car and everything else what they have as substitutes... - I usually say what I want - and it is the most important thing to know one's own body a) well, b) know what to do with it, c) one must be quite flexible... - And one must try to take what one wants... - What do you want, what do I want? - Let's do it together! - There are often misunderstandings - so that one is suffering because one wants something different from the other. And that's stupid! - Even when sex goes without humor - If you can not laugh together in bed, then "good night"! - So sex is something that does not really fit in our jammed everyday life - Sex is something where you should lose control... - When love is dead, money is nothing! ... (T. Bergmann / M. Popp)

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