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10.02.2017 - Life quality3 and reincarnation and "bardo experience" etc...

dali48 and writing books and photographing flowers etc...

18.12.1997 - Interpretation of dali48

Always recognize the dreamlike quality of life and reduce attachment and aversion. Be kindhearted to all beings... - Be loving and compassionate - What others do to you... - What they do does not count so much when one can see it as a dream - The trick is to cherish good intentions during the dream - This is the essential - This is true spirituality... (CT Rinpoche)

After I discovered the reincarnation, time was no longer limited - I was no longer slave of the clock - Would you invest 1/10 of the time you devote to the distractions - like looking for women or making money - for the spiritual practice - then you would be enlightened in a few years... (Ramakrishna)

You should practice all your life - without hope of realization... (Milrepa)

So there is a way to accept transitoriness and at the same time to enjoy life - without grasping. Since life is nothing but a constant flow of birth, death, and transition, we are constantly making "bardo experiences." - Of all traces, the elephant is the largest. Of all mindfulness meditations - is the highest about death... (Buddha)

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