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09.02.2017 - Egoism3 and "karma" and compassion etc...

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15.12.1997 - Interpretation of dali48

Selfishness (egoism) is the root - for all suffering in "Samsara" (cycle of rebirths)... (S. Rinpoche)

"Karma" means that everything that we do with physical, language, or mind - shows results - Even the smallest action already carries all its consequences in itself - Never overlook negative actions! - Never look down on good deeds! - Karma does not disintegrate like external things - amd time, fire, water can not destroy it! - Destructive action leads only to pain and suffering... - The more careful you become towards your breath - the more you are in the present, and you reunite all your different aspects to a whole - Compassion is never true compassion when it is not active... - We're all on the same executioner's cart on the way to execution - How could I hate someone or want that something bad happens to someone? ... (T. Moore)

Whatever happens to us now reflects our past karma - When we really understand that, we see suffering and difficulties no more as our failure or as a catastrophe, and not as a sort of punishment - We no longer sink into guilt feelings and self-hatred... (S. Rinpoche)

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