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08.02.2017 - Perception3 and inner knowledge and renunciation etc...

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dali48 and writing books and photographing in SHA etc...

14.12.1997 - Interpretation of dali48

However, the thoughts and feelings that you create yourself are always a limitation - because you can only perceive in other people what is also within you... (Hay / Taylor)

The stillness and peace of inner knowledge - will help you react to changes with openness and serenity - Be open, let things go their course and watch closely, then you live the truth! - How can you trust if you live in fear? - I trust in life... - and I trust myself... - For that what you do not have compassion with others, you will experience in your own body - A person becomes what he hates or despises! - Senseless rage produces hatred - Senseless reproaches and accusations generate disease - Senseless punishments... - generate war (see History etc. - d.48)... - There is a very important reason for that you are here - And the destiny of every human being is unique! - Enjoy your differences and your uniqueness... - The key to a happy balance in modern life lies in the simplicity... - If you practice meditation, you should better identify yourself with the breath rather than observe it - as if you were the breath... - What is our life but a dance of fleeting forms? - Does not everything change continuously? - Does not all that we have done in the past (see karma, etc. - d.48) appear to us today as a dream? - Now, just this moment, as you read in this book, you seem alive and real - but these lines are just remembrance - Try not to develop too much hope and fear - The sight has helped you to recognize the fruitlessness and senseless of all these things - and awakened in you the spirit of true renunciation... (S. Rinpoche)

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