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30.01.2017 - Kenkô3 / Taoists / Mystics etc...

dali48 and studying and playing chess and stopping smoking as a sports student in the 70s etc...
08.11.1997 - Interpretation of dali48

Just sitting near his lamp, opening books before him, and thus making people to friends who are no longer in this world - there can be nothing more beautiful... (Yoshida Kenkô, ca. 1330)

The "tao" of the taoists is the divine reason of the universe, the source of all things, the life-giving principle! - It shapes and transforms all things. It is impersonal, impartial, and takes little care of individuals - it is immanent, formless, invisible, and eternal! - And the best thing is, the "taoist" does not try to say anything about "God" - He repeats to the point that the "tao" can not be named and that a "tao" which is named, is not the "tao" - The unity and spirituality of the material world is an important message of "taoism"... (Lin Yutang, 1948)

The pious of tomorrow will be a mystic who has experienced something - or he will no longer be... (K. Rahner)

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