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30.01.2017 - A.M. Arokiasamy3 and inscription of faith in the mind etc...

dali48 and writing books and photographing a horse etc...

10.11.1997 - Interpretation of dali48

The "Highest Way" is not difficult, but only to be selected. It is only without desire and hatred that it becomes clear what is there - But a distinction broad as a hair, and heaven and earth are infinitely separate. If you want to see the truth, do not hold yourself to yes and no. The conflict of pro and contra, that is the disease of the mind - If you do not know the deep sense, the peace of mind is vainly disturbed. The way (tao) - as perfect as the infinite space, means that nothing is too little and nothing is too much - Do neither look for what appears, and nor dwell in the void! - Be calm in the peace of one's being, and erroneous thinking disappears of your own accord. If you try to bring the movement to rest, then rest comes from the repose - If you stay in the one extreme or in the other, you will never understand the one-being (yin and yang etc. - d.48)! - If there is only a trace of truth and falsity, the mind loses itself in confusion - The 2 depend on the One, but do not adhere to the One... - Obey to nature, and you are one with the way and go without disturbance into freedom. If the thoughts are bound, the truth is hidden, for everything is cloudy and confused, and the annoying judging darkens the mind, and brings only anger and sadness - What use is it to seek the one, and to flee the other? - The sage pursues no goals, but the foolish man binds himself - Distinctions arise from the desire of being blinded. "Enlightenment" is free from liking and non-liking (love and hate). Profit and loss, true and false... - Ban them all together immediately! - The way (tao) is beyond language, for here is no yesterday, no morning, no today (Inscription of faith in the mind) ... (A.M. Arokiasamy)

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