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27.01.2017 - Buddha's teaching3 and external reflection etc...

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dali48 and writing books and photographing parks etc...

26.10.1997 - Interpretation of dali48

Buddha's doctrine says that man suffers - because he wants to possess things that are transient in their essence and wants to hold on to them forever - The first and most important is his own person. For, by means of the latter, he separates himself from the rest of the life - it is the fortress, in which he can retreat, in which he can assert himself against external powers - He is of faith that this fortified and isolated position is the best means of attaining happiness - It allows him to fight against change - It promotes his endeavors to keep pleasant things to himself, to exclude suffering, and to shape circumstances according to his will - Enough, it is his means of resisting life - The Buddha taught that all things, including this fortress, were essentially unstable and slip away from man as soon as he tries to possess them - This thwarting his desire for possession is the immediate cause of his suffering - But Buddha went even further, for he showed that the deepest cause was the delusion that man could separate himself from life - This pretended isolation comes from the fact that he equals himself with the fortress which is not permanent. It has no lasting reality, it is without any "self-nature," and, in the same way, is not the self as any other variable object (The pipeline water flows cleanly out of the water tap and disappears after a few moments in the dirty drain)... - But what then is the self? - Buddha remained dumb when asked this question - In order to gain self-awareness and self-consciousness, thinking projected itself into separate forms and beings - It cast a shadow to see its own form - This is a general proposition which applies to every individual - Lastly, it is clear that no salvation can be found in external reflection - for this is just a shadow which indicates the state of inner reality... (A. Watts)

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