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26.01.2017 - Watts3 and Lao Tse and Ludovico Rocco etc...

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dali48 and private tuition and writing books and photographing a gold fish in Lake Morp etc...

24.10.1997 - Interpretation of dali48

On the branches of yielding and rigid trees, snow accumulates until they crumble under the burden, whereas a thin and springy branch simply yields - and the load falls to the ground without breaking or bending... (A. Watts)

The human being is delicate and weak at birth - he is firm and strong at his death - Thus strength and strength are characteristics of death - delicacy and weakness are characteristics of life... (Lao Tse)

Prophecy of the Ludovico Rocco: The great moral corruption comes from the great and the rich people - The human race is haunted by incurable diseases... - with war, hunger and all plagues - Half of humanity is exterminated - The poor will be rich and the rich will be poor - People will believe in the true "God"... - and be happy... (S. Loerzer)

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