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03.04.2017 - Chang3 and the 7 glands and permanent deficiency etc...

dali48 and writing books and photographing dandelion etc...

03.04.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

The seven glands support each other in ascending order; if 1 gland is operated... - there follows a permanent deficiency = energy imbalance in the body - Since there are millions of different bacilli and viruses, it is senseless to try to kill them all - i.e. The body is like an electric battery - when the energy drops to 70%, one feels miserable, to 50% hospital, to 20% intensity care follows... - Also, anger and other negative feelings consume a lot of energy - Smoking reduces energy very much (also drugs and alcohol)... - Charging the battery through food and sleep - Sex causes tension - i.e. Body can no longer absorb energy - i.e. Depression... - So it is no better to forego prejudice instead of getting prostate cancer... - The ejaculation is a big sacrifice for the man: Physical, spiritual... - After the ejaculation, all 7 glands are empty - If the energy is directed downwards through the 7 glands and the body dies sooner or later - If you direct the energy upwards, you can reach eternal life... - Lotus and pumpkin seeds are healthy for the prostate... - You can be cured in 3 different ways:
By suffering (chemotherapy), by pain (surgery) and by... (S.T. Chang)

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