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21.03.2017 - Cancer tumors3 and causes and food etc...

dali48 and studying and photographing in Tubingen etc...

22.03.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

74% of cancer deaths occur in metabolic and regenerative organs - 25% in the lungs and on the skin... (W. Zürcher)

There is nothing more hypocritical than to attribute the illness of another to the mistakes made by him - this can only be done with one's own person...

Disposing causes of cancer:
Oral restraint... - ie The inability to express his true emotions - coupled with a greed for food, possession, validity, recognition, and love - ie Excessive activity, performance constraint, persistent stress without real gratification - failure, disappointment, cramping, negligence, etc. - Whoever is researching, thinking, experimenting - is silenced, ostracized, abandoned and mocked or threatened with imprisonment (see eg Dr. Isels, W. Reich, 1957, etc. - d.48)... - Heresies in science need 50 years... - until they are replaced by new discoveries (see, for example, concerning scurvy etc. - d.48)... (M. Planck)

The most important measuring instrument in today's research is not the microscopes and other instruments - but the bribes... (M. Thürkauf)

Technomania = Death of materialism... - Machines and chemicals (see eg pesticides etc. - d.48) multiply - and plants (see forests etc. - d.48) and animals (see eg bees etc. - d.48) disappear... - Death will be richer in harvest than in the plagues of the Middle Ages (see Nostradamus, etc. - d.48)... - Cancer comes from within, from the soul (see emotions, etc. - d.48) and not from bacilli - It will never be overcome by school medicine (despite millions of research funds etc. - d.48)... - Why do outside the body only grow healthy cells (see sun, O2, sea water, etc. - d.48)...?

Your remedies should be food - and your food should be a cure... (Hippocrates)

It really plays a role with which consciousness, in what state of feeling (see soul etc. - d.48), in which environment and in what manner is fed - Dissatisfied people eat too much (see eg overweight by grief etc. - d.48)...

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