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03.03.2017 - Anxiety2 and dysfunction and roles etc...


dali48 and writing books and photographing in SHA etc...

26.02.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

The sexual functions are disturbed by fear and anxiety, and a cramp occurs - Permanent cramping leads to overloading and dysfunctions of the entire organism and thus weakening of the defense system... - They slowly destroy their bodies to save their roles and the social systems in which they are normally involved - They are the victims of their feelings of duty - The psychic patients seem to be rebels without courage and strenght... - The place where the main problem of his parents was expressed: 
Mendacity of language as a lifestyle - He describes the ulcer as the unweeped tears - Never had he slept with a woman - When one smiled at him, he was convinced she was laughing at him, making fun of him... - Of money, sex, politics, religion was not spoken at home - That would have harmed the harmony... - All life is constantly pushing for intermixing, interpenetration, and union - and every separation, sharing, splitting, and going apart is always the death - Whoever lives is together - who keeps away, will die - In most cancer patients, one finds a disturbed relationship to sexuality... (GC Lichtenberg)

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