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01.03.2017 - Melancholic personalities3 and suicide ride etc...

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dali48 and writing books and photographing monuments etc...

20.02.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

A highly melancholic client said he felt guilty if everything went well, as if he had no right to happiness - where there is so much misery in the world ... - Melancholic personalities long for a person who really understands them - But they are so much caught up in themselves that this is hard to do... Here, as a pessimistic person assumes, something negative is evidence of a greater truth, but something good is an isolated moment. The optimal personality believes on the other hand That something negative is a single example, and something good is generally true.... Many people believe in a life after death in a spiritualized form, others in the fact that they have returned physically and have had and have had future and past lives on earth - In the West, the majority of people do not believe in reincarnation and trust that the body dissolves, dust to dust and ashes to ashes, and nothing remains - because the soul is not to be seen, felt or weighed The fact that more than half of the world's population believes in reincarnation in one form or another is all too easily forgotten. Who can say with certainty whether death is the end? - We can not know it... (X. Williams)

The 12 warning signs for suicide: 
1. Changes in personality, 
2. Neglect of one's own appearance (hairstyle, hygiene, clothing etc.) 
3. Retreat and social isolation, 
4. Distributing personal values, 
5. Strong employment with death (music, drawing, poem, essay, etc.),
6. Open or disguised suicide threat, 
7. Suicide attempts, 
8. Employment with suicide methods or purchase of cords, tablets, weapons etc., 
9. Abuse of drugs or alcohol, 
10. School failure, 
11. Suddenly elevated mood in depressed child, 
12. More frequent accidents or physical discomfort without medical explanation... (X. Williams)

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