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23.02.2017 - Needleman3 and main environmental danger and script binding etc...

dali48 and writing books and photographing flowers etc...

04.02.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

Main environmental hazards:
The warming of the earth's atmosphere, the rubbish problem, the deforestation of the forests, the acid rain and the destruction of the ozone layer (see Climate Change since ca. 2000 etc. - d.48)... (H.L. Needleman)

It all comes from the fact that man is seized by himself and his desires into an abyss of murder, robbery, rape and self-destruction by excessive greed - Violence, sexual excesses, consumption of narcotics and sadism:
They tell us, everything is going to happen when you let the people shoot the reins - So we are told, we need law, order and discipline - What is true? - The transactional analyst knows that the human being is okay, Is good, cooperative, helpful, beautiful, intelligent, healthy, lovable and capable of love - Why is he so terrible? - Why does he smoke 60 cigarettes a day, eats too much and kills himself with alcohol and drugs? - Why are men so disagreeably, why do they steal and lie, be abused and exploited? - Our answer is:
They act like this because they are "nailed" (unconsciously) to a script - In addition, they are still encouraged by others who benefit from it, in their script-binding - The food and drug producers push us to smoke, to drink, to excessive food and drug abuse - We are the easier to exploit as workers and citizens - the more aggressive and individualistic we are and the more we put ourselves under pressure of competition by each other... - For the script is something that feels pleasant... - something bad - Sex without affection (love) and sometimes affection without sex is unpleasant... - Most dangerous are barbiturates, heroin and alcohol - The most harmless, although the use of this remedy is so demonized and severely punished... - We are lustless because we feel no joy and no pain... - Without pain, we neglect our body - until the pain can no longer be denied... (C. Steiner)

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