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22.02.2017 - Steiner3 and cooperation and therapist etc...

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dali48 and private tuition and writing books and photographing a gold fish in Lake Morp etc...

01.02.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

With some certainty, Mr. X will have defeated his wife after a few rounds - since she has a good prerequisite for a defeat as a woman:
She does not have a strong adult ego, and she tends to "rescue" and "nurture"... - Control and power in itself provide no well-being - We only find it when we have enough food, shelter, space, caress, love and soul peace - All of this is not achieved through "powerplay", but through collaboration... - No help without contract - Do not hold anyone for helpless... - If your counterpart feels helpless, help him to use his existing powers - Do not use a special chair or seat - Do not go to the phone during the group sessions... - Do not dress more expensive than the group participants... - Only draw the attention of the group to you if it is therapeutically justified - Do not interrupt anyone - Reject all the salutations spoken from a subordinate position - Flattery of the type "you are fantastic!", should be rejected - Keep attention that you speak from a position of equality on all subjects except where you are referred to as an expert... - Your telephone number must be in the phone book - if you are annoyed by a counterpart... - then you have probably got involved in "rescue" (for fear of hurting others)... (C. Steiner)

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