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15.02.2017 - Attachment3 and religion and behavior etc...

dali48 and writing books and photographing "flora & fauna" etc...

06.01.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

The true saint must be able to accept embarrassment and shame... (G. Feuerstein, Connection I / 98)

Whoever avoids desperately money and sex proves, at the same time - his negative attachment (really? - d.48)... (Bhagwan / Osho)

You love religion and I love the... - May we both be happy... (Drugpa Künleg, Lama in Tibet)

Gurdjieff, Crowley, Bhagwan (Osho), Chögyam Trungpa, Lee Lozowick, Da Freejohn (Avatar Adi Da) ... - It is ultimately the silence, not the teacher's behavior or the methods... (C. Salvesen)

Interesting authors on these topics:
K. Wilber, M. Gray, J. Engler, D.P. Brown, K.P. Horn, S. Segal, B. Glassman, E. Abécassis, H. Torwesten, B. Long, K. Ring, W. Jäger, J. Krishnamurti ... - Love and make love are absolutely natural to the body. But sex is not natural - Sex causes anxiety... - self-doubt, perplexity and depression... (B. Long)

Ill or disturbed behavior:
e.g. addiction, financial exploitation, humiliation, oppression, obscuration... (J. Galuska)

People usually have 3 basic fears:
The fear before an orgasm, the fear of becoming mad, and the fear of death... (Swami A. Veeresh)

The still dominant mentality or rationality - can not give the answer to the basic question of human existence... (J. Gebser)

Only what we know and experience as part of ourselves - we can love and appreciate, and only for this we can engage and act... (J. Macy / J. Seed / F. Naylor)

There must be something happening, some disaster... - What the planet needs is a heart attack that wakes us - without killing us all... (J. Lovelock)

When we change the environment, we are the ones who suffer - At the moment we are worsening the conditions for our offspring - And the rule clearly says we are dying out when we continue - while the system continues...

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