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14.02.2017 - Rinpoche3 and security and transformation process etc...

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dali48 and writing books and photographing flowers etc...
29.12.1997 - Interpretation of dali48

Whoever becomes to someone who renounces the world, who is given up all "secular property" and becomes a monk or a nun. What happens then? - Very simple:
You become completely solid and secure - Nobody can take away from you the security of nothingness - You will be like a rock... - powerful and immovable because you are completely mobile... (NC Rinpoche)

Of course, death happens at any moment - we die with respect to the preceding moment and are born into the following - Death is only terrible if we do not understand it as a process of transformation - which fertilizes life. Without death, in the deepest, general sense of the word, life would have no meaning - The memory of a yogi is like the butt of a whore - because nothing remains clinging to it for a long time - We should strive to be good and friendly - and in a compassionate way deal with the earth - That would be wonderful. Change can only happen by the interaction between someone who has the ability to explain - and another who has the ability to understand - If a doctrine has no connection to the indestructible essence, it falls apart in the course of time by itself - No inquisitions and witch hunts are required - Sectarianism and the desire to destroy "heresies" are only symptoms of the own insecurity - Basically, Buddhism rejects 4 misunderstandings:
Dualism, Monism, Nihilism, and Eternalism - Dualism means that the Creator and the created are separate from each other - Monism means that the Creator and the created are one - Nihilism believes that we have no soul - Eternalism is convinced that we have a lasting, unchanging core... (NC Rinpoche)

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