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07.02.2017 - Hay / Taylor3 and evolution and exorbitance etc...

dali48 and writing books and photographing in SHA etc...

13.12.1997 - Interpretation of dali48

There has never been a war that would have been beneficial to mankind - for the lesson of the senselessness of war has not yet been learned - The fact that there are still wars is due to the fact that humanity has not yet learned to love - More sad is the fact that the greatest technological advances of mankind have been motivated by the desire for destruction... - Evolution requires people to find an alternative to war (see eg Basic Income etc. - d.48)... - because the next battle... - could very well be the last... (LL Hay / JC Taylor)

Avoid the noisy people and the ordinary ones, for they have lost the wisdom of silence! - Avoid those who will lead you to greed and exorbitance (see World Economic Crisis 2008, etc. - d.48), because they will never really satisfy your hunger! - Listen to the wisdom of the children, for they are closer to the skies of your dreams! - Listen to the humble, for they have learned to be compassionate and forgiving... - The true power lies in your feelings - By intense emotions you lend your thoughts the power to manifest themselves in external experiences - You are the creator of your destiny in every way... - If you kill a creature to eat it, you taste death on the tongue (ie for me: to eat more fruits and veggies etc. - d.48)... - If you bless a bread crumbs - this will bring you more life than any royal feast... - During the great changes that are currently taking place, it may happen - that the whole material possession which you have accumulated is useless to protect you... (Hay / Taylor)

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