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03.02.2017 - Institutions3 and consumption and patriarchy etc...

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dali48 and writing and photographing "flora and fauna" etc...

25.11.1997 - Interpretation of dali48

Our great institutions are nothing more than a gigantic defense program - by means of which, in the name of "humanity", we are fighting against deadly forces and classes - and this is a total war... (I. Illich)

The socially acknowledged death occurs when man has become useless not only as a producer but also as a consumer - Death is the most extreme form of refusal of the consumption...

Men who no one knows and no one loves properly - are often sick or even dying, and one does not understand why? ... (S. Joward)

The patriarchy, with the motto that it is better to die as a lion than to live as a sheep, disparages both sheep and lion, revealing that inner despair - which manifests itself in the desire of self-destruction... (E. Borneman)

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