Samstag, 28. Januar 2017

28.01.2017 - Zen3 and the supernatural etc...

dali48 and writing books and photographing parks etc...

29.10.1997 - Interpretation of dali48

There is no birth nor death to be escaped - nor is there any supreme knowledge to be striven for... - When the door opens at the moment of "Satori," the student does not go into trance, but in a new attitude to life - which is reflected in a picture of never-seen beauty... - We split the world between our self-assertion against the world, the effort to make us all things submissive - and, on the other hand, the total surrender to "destiny" - the renouncement of our ability to accomplish something ourselves... - For Zen the supernatural is natural - for Christianity it is something that does not exist in any way... - In Zen, there is no duality of heaven and earth, natural and supernatural, human and "God", material and spiritual, mortal and immortal... (unknown Zenmaster)

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