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18.07.2016 - Golding3 and the power of evil etc...

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17/03/2008 - Interpretation of dali48

Golding has a very keen eye and a sharp... - when it comes to the power of... - and the wickedness of... - almost as much as Jonathan Swift - And as Herman Melville - he often chooses the... - and the framework for his stories from the world of the... - or other challenging situations where strange people try to go beyond their... - and thereby embarrass to the bone... (W. Golding, Press Release 1983)

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  1. Concordia disaster: Should a captain go down with his ship ... › NewsWorld News
    Captain Schettino abandoned his ship, but who's to say how we would behave in ... 9:06PM GMT 18 Jan 2012 ... Costa Concordia: captain 'says he tripped and fell into lifeboat' ... He was, however, tried and found wanting, perhaps for reasons partly .... as the Costa Concordia was about to go down in the Isola de Giglio... 2.

  2. Costa Concordia's captain comes up with a belter of a euphemism ... › CommentColumnistsNigel Farndale
    Jul 14, 2012 - Nice phrase for a shipwreck, Captain Schettino. ... 09 Aug 2012 ... More from the web ». Nikki Haley to Unions: Stay Out of My State ... Whoops i banged my head when i accidentally tripped and fell into the life boat ......where am i ... Its very common for weak managers to try to blame the shortcomings of their ...
    Missing: muddled

  3. February 18, 2014: all about not seaworthy Costa Concordia ...
    M/S Costa Concordia January 13, 2012 incident, vessel suffered contact, ... There was evidently an accidental contact 13 January 2012, when ship's crew was .... the Master of the love boat, Francesco Schettino, who attends every session of .... fin pointing up in the air below the middle of three lifeboats not being launched.

  4. I tripped and fell into the lifeboat! Costa Coward | Article | The Punch
    Jan 19, 2012 - You can well imagine that in better times, Francesco Schettino is the kind of guy you'd like ... Despite multiple warnings and admonishments from Captain De Falco, ..... I'm not trying to excuse the captain at all. .....

  5. Italy cruise ship Costa Concordia makes landfall? [Archive ... › ... › General InterestOff-Topic Babbling
    Jan 14, 2012 - 100+ posts - ‎42 authors
    In our container-ship case, there are crew being charged in court; ..... Can you just imagine all the debris mucking up the pumps trying to de-water that big a ship, ... /2012/01/16/10169077-underwater-views-of-the-cruise-ship-costa- ..... says he accidently slipped and fell into the lifeboat, and didn't purposely ...
    Missing: muddled

  6. Cruise Critic Message Board Forums - Costa Concordia SINKING
    Jan 18, 2012 - Inhabitants of Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino's ... By Victoria Ward, Meta di Sorrento4:55PM GMT 18 Jan 2012 9 Comments ...... he has told the judge he "accidentally tripped and fell into a lifeboat! ... Okay so what's his excuse if he "tripped and fell" getting off, why he couldn't go back on?

  7. Mook of the Month | melchett mike
    July 2012 Unnamed "Queer" An early winner this month, though, in view of the ... The Costa Concordia captain, whose excuse for having abandoned his ship after ... coast of Italy was that he had, wait for it . . . tripped and fallen into a lifeboat! ... 32 dead or missing, Schettino then admitted to having sailed the ship off-course ...

  8. Costa Concordia Sinks! [Archive] - FlyerTalk Forums › FlyerTalk ForumsTravel&DiningCruises
    Jan 14, 2012 - 100+ posts - ‎60 authors .... Today, the ship's captain, Schettino, was detained and accused of .... evacuate - with the ship began to go sideway & power going out, etc. ...... It turns out that he fell into the lifeboat with his #2 officer Dmitri, ...... Yet another excuse.

  9. Worst Cruise Line in the World - Cruise Law News
    He had retired from Costa in the summer of 2012, six months after the Concordia .... The passengers who are not permitted into a life boat will be forced to use ..... in the understanding that they were in the middle of a meal service, they tried to ..... the infamous Captain Schettino aboard the Costa Concordia near the island of ...

  10. Cruise ship 'Costa Concordia' aground. [Archive] - Page 2 - Ships ... › ... › News and Views from the Shipping World
    100+ posts - ‎84 authors
    16th January 2012, 21:11 .... Why would you send him back in the middle of an evacuation? .... Captain was on the bridge ; ship hit a rock ( his words ) when trying to ...... pages for each vessel you will see web cams and position, course & speed info etc .... De Falco:Schettino, maybe you saved yourself from the sea, but I'll ...
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dali48 in Baden-Baden 8/2010

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09/22/2011 - Interview with Author dali48 on Google +

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"Your Diary is the most complete and correct information dali48 on every conceivable subject one can think of, I enjoy your health and self-wellness. I have regained my health in many ways. Enjoy also the captions of writers poets and artist I have learned very much, thank you so much"...

ediary4 by dali48 Authored by Wolfgang G. Greiner

List Price: $24.53
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Full Color on White paper
128 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1523675692 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1523675691
BISAC: Health & Fitness / Healthy Living

ediary4 by dali48 is about healing in the past and the future - focused on the present. It includes the following authors: Ayya Khema, S. Hite, VE Frankl, M. Messeguer, G. Marquez, W. Golding, Dalai Lama, DTSuzuki, J. Seiffert, Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddha, Jvd Wetering, Allen Ginsberg, C. Simon, Johannes Paul1, K. Dürckheim, W. Soyinka, S. Freud, Sloterdiyk, J. Brodsky, P. Celan, A. Schweitzer, G. Groddeck, hl.Hildegard, IB Singer, T. Dethlefsen, AT Kushi... 
CreateSpace eStore: Share this URL: diary3 by dali48 on twitter diary3 by dali48 on twitter   

Diary3 by dali48 on twitter is about healing in the past and the future - focused on the present. It includes the following authors: Ayya Khema, S. Hite, VE Frankl, M. Messeguer, G. Marquez, W. Golding, Dalai Lama, DTSuzuki, J. Seiffert, Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddha, Jvd Wetering, Allen Ginsberg, C. Simon, Johannes Paul1, K. Dürckheim, W. Soyinka, S. Freud, Sloterdiyk, J. Brodsky, P. Celan, A. Schweitzer, G. Groddeck, hl.Hildegard, IB Singer, T. Dethlefsen, AT Kushi... 

Golden Snow “thank you dali48 for your very informative and interesting Dairy 3 - filled with so much to help us with our health and improve our ways of eating, Herbal information ... I loved learning of others lives and condition they live, writers whose words have been smothered, because truth was written ... loved every moment of reading”...

  • Golden Snow "Most interesting book I have read in many years ... the truth within the pages alone are a refreshing change ... covers so many subjects, thank you dali48"...
Tagebuch 2009: Wie ich psychisch u. physisch wie...
Tagebuch 2009: Wie ich psychisch und physisch wieder gesund wurde... (Status: 8/2008) von dali48, siehe, etc. 
Diary 2009 by dali48 on Twitter is about a 25-year-old psychological and physical healing process by using natural medicine - especially herbal medicines - and also meditation exercises from ZEN-Buddhism - Inspiring to further reading are also excerpts from speeches of Nobel Laureates in Literature from 2009 to currently back 1959... see dali48 and Art etc...​ 

"Thanks for sharing the knowledge held within the pages of your diary. I have learned much on Natural healing..." 

's review
Jan 29, 14
Read in September, 2013
"a book filled with important information to guide one through life in health both body and mind ... also to learn history as it has taken place ... five stars from me ... Thanks dali48"...
Tagebuch 2008
Tagebuch 2008 von dali48, siehe Google, Amazon:
This current and past diary contains the published posts on of parts of my diary entries in German and English on the basis of Nobel Laureates in Literature from 2008 back to 1968, and from the read books about medicine and related subjects such as eg Zen Buddhism: "Like a leaf falling from a flower, gently floating in the wind with Ketchuan music"... (dali48)
dali48 and photographing Lake Morp in Erkrath etc...

Tagebuch 2008 (German Edition)
Tagebuch 2008 (German Edition)

Diary 2008 of dali48 contains many valuable tips of the alternative medicine and phytotherapy - The introduction to Zen Buddhism is also good for laymen to understand - Inspiring and stimulating to further reading are the excerpts of speeches of Nobel Laureates in Literature - starting with Le Clézio (2008), back to Beckett, Boell, Kawabata, Solzhenitsyn, etc... 

Tags: Ayya Khema, Valerian, Comfrey, Nettle, Buddha, Buddhism, Clézio, Covitz, Dukkha, parents, emotions, inflammation, earth, cold, food, St John's, Chamomile, Kawabata, children, headache, body, disease, cancer, life, suffering, love, life, dandelion, People, migraine, natural, nerve, Nobel, rheumatoid, patients, parsley, sage, shadow, yarrow, sleep, insomnia, pain, soul, September 2008, Smullyan, Solzhenitsyn, plantain, stress, Centaury, Thich Nhat Hanh, thyme, subconsciously, mourning, past, losses, juniper, water, hawthorn, world, work, sugar, etc...

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Golden Snow Enjoying your many post on health dali48 ... it means a lot in my life to have sites and blogs to follow and gain better health ... I have been fighting a Chemical war inside my body for 29 years and found relief in so many of your posts ... my health has improved to the point I can do my own shopping at the market ... I love the fact that your Diaries contains a mixture of great information for the readers ... so well chosen ... well thought out to help everyone”... 

see wgg shared Monsanto Exposed's photo - Why bees are dying by the billions etc. - and see GMO seeds and glysophate etc... (dali48)  

see wgg shared Monsanto Exposed's photo - Why bees are dying by the billions - see

Das grosse Neonics Desaster. Seit 1995 sind bis zu 80 Prozent der Biomasse aller Fluginsekten in NRW verschwunden
Henk Tennekestennekes_tox
The big Neonics disaster. Since 1995, up to 80 percent of the biomass of all flying insects have disappeared in NRW ...
see dali48 and Bees and "Flora and Fauna" since ca. 2000 etc. - “If the bees disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have 4 years left to live.” ― Albert Einstein
  1. "Er ist wieder da" Filmkritik: Das Lachen bleibt im Halse stecken! see dali48 and TV and 3sat and Documentaries and Movies etc...

17.09.2015 Wie blöd du bist - Carolin Kebekus | Musikparodie via see dali48 and favourite Music and parodies etc...

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Sophie Scholl was arrested today in 1943. Here's why we should remember her...

Concerning Fukushima - see

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