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02.09.2014 - Life and Exploration etc...

24.02.1997 - Interpretation of dali48

Everything can be undone - except the step out of... (A. and W. Huth)

Nothing brings people closer together - as poverty and... (R. Berendzen / L. Palmer)

We will not cease from exploration - and the end of all our exploring will be there - where we... - and then we will understand this... (T.S. Eliot)

Life does not make sense - and there is no... (S.M. Pásztor)

More than I think I'm dependant on the other living being - even the weakest (see bees etc. - d.48) - in order to exist - in my... (J.P. Stössel)

"These are exiting quotes from your Diary ... makes one want to read more ... find your Diaries exiting and mind catching wanting more and more ... example quote: Nothing brings people closer together - as poverty and... (R. Berendzen / L. Palmer ... this statement is so true ... it takes poverty sometimes to open one's eyes ..."

Golden Snow
"These are true statements dali48  ... Quote: Love is emotional independence, satisfaction with ourselves, with the person which we are now - The harmony is not based on that we yearn for...  we can be too dependent on others, when we should look within ourselves for peace..."
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dali48 in Baden-Baden 8/2010
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diary 3: by dali48 on twitter diary3 by dali48 on twitter 
Diary3 by dali48 on twitter is about healing in the past and the future - focused on the present. It includes the following authors: Ayya Khema, S. Hite, VE Frankl, M. Messeguer, G. Marquez, W. Golding, Dalai Lama, DTSuzuki, J. Seiffert, Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddha, Jvd Wetering, Allen Ginsberg, C. Simon, Johannes Paul1, K. Dürckheim, W. Soyinka, S. Freud, Sloterdiyk, J. Brodsky, P. Celan, A. Schweitzer, G. Groddeck, hl.Hildegard, IB Singer, T. Dethlefsen, AT Kushi...

Golden Snow “thank you dali48 for your very informative and interesting Dairy 3 - filled with so much to help us with our health and improve our ways of eating, Herbal information ... I loved learning of others lives and condition they live, writers whose words have been smothered, because truth was written ... loved every moment of reading”...

  • Golden Snow "Most interesting book I have read in many years ... the truth within the pages alone are a refreshing change ... covers so many subjects, thank you dali48"...
Tagebuch 2009: Wie ich psychisch u. physisch wie...
siehe Bod.de, etc. - Diary 2009 by dali 48 on twitter is about a 25-year-old, both psychological and even physical healing process by using natural medicine - especially herbal medicines, and also meditation exercises from Zen Buddhism. Inspiring to further reading are also excerpts from speeches of Nobel laureates in literature from 2009 to currently back 1959, etc... 

's review
Jan 29, 14
Read in September, 2013
"a book filled with important information to guide one through life in health both body and mind ... also to learn history as it has taken place ... five stars from me ... Thanks dali48"... 

Tagebuch 2008
Tagebuch 2008 von dali48, siehe Google, Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/author/dali48

Diary 2008 of dali48 contains many valuable tips of the alternative medicine and phytotherapy. The introduction to Zen Buddhism is also good for laymen to understand. Inspiring and stimulating to further reading are the excerpts of speeches of Nobel Laureates in Literature - starting with Le Clézio (2008), back to Beckett, Boell, Kawabata, Solzhenitsyn, etc... Tags: Ayya Khema, Valerian, Comfrey, Nettle, Buddha, Buddhism, Clézio Covitz Dukkha parents emotions inflammation, earth, cold, food, fennel, woman, joy, peace, feel, danger, feeling, Spirit, Health, gout, happiness, "God", skin heart, helps, cough, immune, St John's, Chamomile, Kawabata, Ayya Khema, children, headache, body, disease, cancer, life, suffering, love, life, dandelion, People, migraine, natural, nerve, Nobel, rheumatoid, patients, parsley, sage, shadow, yarrow, sleep, insomnia, pain, soul, September 2008, Smullyan, Solzhenitsyn, plantain, stress, Centaury, Thich Nhat Hanh, thyme, subconsciously, mourning, past, losses, juniper, water, hawthorn, world, work, world, sugar, etc...
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Golden Snow Enjoying your many post on health dali48 ... it means a lot in my life to have sites and blogs to follow and gain better health ... I have been fighting a Chemical war inside my body for 29 years and found relief in so many of your posts ... my health has improved to the point I can do my own shopping at the market ... I love the fact that your Diaries contains a mixture of great information for the readers ... so well chosen ... well thought out to help everyone” ...

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