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03.04.2017 - Diseases3 and Taoism and Glands etc...

dali48 and teaching and writing books and photographing in Erkrath etc...

03.04.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

Other diseases:
Many new strange diseases by sex in the future, e.g. Candida fungus, Bejel (Syphilis species, Middle East) ... - Nature follows a strict control and compensation system that punishes sexual abuse with terrible diseases. Illness itself is a blessing in the long run, because it is a measure of nature to make a few disabled... - to protect many... - Taoism does not regard sickness as either a sin or a work of the devil - It gives them a key to a higher level of sexuality and points the way out of the labyrinth of pain, misunderstandings and mistakes - All that is the one-party principle and the other taoistic rules, forever (really? - d.48) will enjoy the pleasures of sexuality... (S.T. Chang)

The 7 glands:
the immune system - Life = energy from food and air etc. - Glands = energy centers...
1. Pineal gland: forms hormones, affects other glands, spiritual level;
2. Brain pituitary gland: governs memory, wisdom, intelligence, and reasoning;
3. Thyroid: controls cell metabolism and growth;
4. Thymus gland: governs heart and circulation;
5. Pancreas: regulates digestion, glucose and body temperature;
6. Adrenal glands: support the kidneys, bones, spinal cord and spine;
7. Sex glands: prostate and testes (male); Ovaries, uterus, vagina and breasts (woman): regulate hormone excretion, sexual energy and reaction and reproduction - A well-functioning gland system is the key to functioning cells and thus to "immortality" (see long life, etc. - d.48)... (ST Chang)

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