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13.03.2017 - Propaganda3 and truths and subconsciousness etc...

Tagebuch 2008 (German Edition) by 48 Dali, - see dali48 and Reading & Writing etc...:
dali48 and writing books and photographing and teaching etc...

06.03.1998 - Interpretation of dali48

You are blessed if you do not listen to the false propaganda of the world - to their fears, doubts, false predictions, negative concepts, and false teachings about "God" and their laws - You should reject everything that is not with the eternal truths and truths principles of life - Recognize that the Infinite intelligence... - is your guide, your adviser, your paymaster, and the greatest "emergency service" - for you in the world... - You sin when you abuse the laws of the spirit - Think good and good will follow (circulus positivus etc. - d.48). Think evil and evil follows (circulus vituosus etc. - d.48). The law of life is the law of faith - A person with inferiority complexes will gladly cut down and criticize others... - Stop paying attention to the great ups and downs of life - the miserable speeches and periodicals, the false propaganda of the world, the criminals and abominations of mankind - or else you will be drawn into this atmosphere - the atmosphere of gloom, doubt, fear, and insecurity - What we focus on is growing and multiplying - Take your attention away from states, occurrences and description of symptoms - and the difficulties will dissipate and become less... - Enemies and feelings of guilt are the most destructive emotions - and the subconsciousness finds a way of punishing oneself and others - Some punish themselves by failure - others become depressed - Others punish themselves unconsciously by illness and chronic symptoms like arthritis, migraine, high blood pressure or even by an accident... - Your mother, who may have been 85 years old at the time of her death... - can now appear to you in your dreams as a 20-year-old... - No one is buried anywhere - So a scientific thinker does not visit any cemeteries... - to place flowers there... (J. Murphy)

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