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23.11.2016 - The Snow Dance Part18 etc... by Golden Snow

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The Snow Dance Part18

I woke with the start of a thunder storm that was loud, and the rain was beating against the window ... as I stared at the window the room lit up with a lightning ... I was never afraid of the thunder storms, my mom always said that the spirits were angry...

I sat on the window box and watched the lightnings light up the garden... I fell to sleep again right where I was ... the sunshine woke me and I heard voices downstairs ... I walked to the door and unlocked it. I listened in order to know who was in the kitchen ... it were the couple of doctors ... I walked down the stairs to the dinning room where they sat having breakfast and talking ... I stood in the door ... usually I never went down until they were gone ... she looked at me and jumped to her feet ... “What the hell happened to you“, she asked and was coming to where I stood in the doorway, and was crying quietly... 

I knew I had to speak but my voice could hardly be heard from where the drunken boy's hands had closed over my throat ... I tried again and she guided me to a chair ... when I stopped crying I told her about her daughter and the boys who she had brought home with her, then in a broken voice I told her about the two boys last night and what had happened to me ... they were looking at me and at each other shaking their heads ... the father said: "You check the girl, and I will bring her down"... (Golden Snow)

"Most beautiful post dali48 ... this makes my heart happy, my story is hard for me to write but you make it seem worth while ... thank you ..."

Golden Snow
"Another great post, thank you for sharing it helps me carry on  ... hard memories to write ..."

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